New Features and Enhancements Across Services: Improved UX, Sorting, Filtering, and Formatting in Frontend; Expanded APIs and Azure Integration in Gateway; Performance Boosts and Advanced Diagnostics

What's Changed

Frontend Service

  1. Blocked Status in the Status Dropdown - Now you can easily indicate a blocked status in the Status Dropdown. This feature was contributed by @raj-wadhwa.

  2. Recommendations Table Data Sorting - The recommendations table data is now sorted by priority upon loading. This enhancement was made by @pushkar1701.

  3. Improved Datetime Formatting - Datetime formatting now considers timezone differences, providing a better user experience. Thanks to @arif-js for this improvement.

  4. Flexible Comment Input Box - The side panel's comment input box is now more flexible in height, with the submit button conveniently placed at the lower right corner. This enhancement was contributed by @tom-juntunen.

  5. Connector Inventory Enhancements - Various improvements have been made to the inventory page, including a new connector filter and the core inventory table, thanks to @arif-js.

  6. Color Coordination Enhancements: The frontend now features improved color coordination, contributing to a more visually cohesive design. (Contributed by @pushkar1701)

  7. Carousel Implementation: A new carousel component has been added to the frontend, enhancing the navigation and display of content. (Contributed by @pushkar1701)

  8. Edit and Delete Issue Comments - Now you can easily edit and delete issue comments directly from the side panel. This feature was added by @arif-js.

  9. Activity Card Style Changes - The activity card body has received some style enhancements, thanks to @arif-js.

  10. Connector Status Next to Selection - The connector status is now displayed next to the connector selection, improving visibility. This feature was added by @arif-js.

  11. Improved Inventory Table Columns - The inventory table columns have been updated based on the connector type for a more informative display. This enhancement was made by @arif-js.

  12. Share Comment Feature - Now you can easily share comments with others using the new share comment functionality by @arif-js.

New Contributors

  • @raj-wadhwa made their first contribution in this repository.

  • @rcharkowicz made their first contribution in this repository.

Gateway Service

  1. Edit and Delete Comment APIs - You can now perform editing and deletion of comments using our new APIs. This feature was contributed by @zaheeruddinfaizdl.

  2. Azure Mail Proxy Implementation - We have implemented the Azure Mail Proxy, making communication more efficient. Thanks to @zaheeruddinfaizdl.

  3. APIs for User Filtering - New APIs have been added to retrieve users based on specific filter parameters. This enhancement was made by @zaheeruddinfaizdl.

  4. Inventory Data Retrieval APIs - We now have APIs to fetch inventory data using mock data. Integration with the BI proxy layer is still in progress and will be available in the next version.

  5. Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes - Various other enhancements and bug fixes have been implemented in the Gateway Service. Check out the individual pull requests for more details.

New Contributors

  • @rcharkowicz made their first contribution in this repository.

Diagnostics Service

  1. Inventory Page Data Model - We've introduced a new and improved data model for the inventory page, enhancing its performance and functionality. Thanks to @JamesRizkallah1 for this contribution.

  2. Tableau Model Update - The Tableau model has been updated for better compatibility and efficiency. This update was provided by @JamesRizkallah1.

  3. MS Graph Department Level Metadata - We're excited to introduce the incorporation of department level metadata into BI usage behavior analysis using MS Graph. This powerful addition provides deeper insights and allows for more granular analysis of BI usage patterns across departments. Thank you to @rcharkowicz and @tom-juntunen for implementing this feature.

  4. Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements - We've addressed various issues and improved the overall performance of the Diagnostics Service. Check out the pull requests for more details.

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