Multiple modifications, bug fixes, feature additions, UI enhancements, and connector-related changes have been made for PowerBI and Tableau

Frontend Service

  1. Modifications made to the UI.

  2. Bug fix and code cleanup.

  3. Redux implemented on all pages.

  4. Fixes and improvements.

  5. Update to the toggleActivateDeactivateConnector and removal of unnecessary text.

  6. Improved functionality to open connector details page by clicking anywhere on the row.

  7. Updates to the ConnectorSetting component props and changes in the Toggle API response handling.

  8. Bug fixes and improvements.

  9. Feature implementation for recommendation side panel.

  10. Alignment adjustment for the connector settings button.

Gateway Service

  1. Added support for SQLAlchemy classes to manage the app database (user, account, environment).

  2. Completed user authentication flow and updated the project structure.

  3. Implemented datasource APIs for DAG Run List and Trigger DAG functionality.

  4. Introduced PowerBI feature.

  5. Developed connector feature.

  6. Improved swagger documentation accuracy.

  7. Implemented Snowflake-related features and bug fixes.

  8. Added functionalities for user invitations and role management.

  9. Completed Tableau connector setup.

  10. Enhanced notifications and issue tracking capabilities.

Diagnostics Service

  1. Added unit tests for secrets clients and updated unit tests for Azure secrets.

  2. Implemented a secrets client for both local secrets and Azure secrets.

  3. Created a skeleton DAG framework with support for multiple clients and task dependencies.

  4. Improved the PowerBI data loading process for testing.

  5. Developed dashboards, datasets, and capacities for PowerBI.

  6. Integrated Tableau and added Tableau DBT models.

  7. Automated Snowflake ingestion for PowerBI.

  8. Optimized activities ingestion for PostgreSQL.

  9. Enhanced error handling and error code implementation.

  10. Refactored and optimized the metrics history integration.

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