Storage Account

Datalogz uses Azure Storage Account to stage external files for ingestion into the target warehouse. This is default for Snowflake warehouses and optional for Postgres warehouses.

  1. Login to Azure Portal and create a new Gen2 Storage Account (hierarchical namespace).

  2. Add the storage account to the appropriate virtual network from Storage Account > Networking panel.

  3. Create a new container named datalogzbidiagnostics

    • Set the access level to Private

  4. Ensure the following environment variables have been added to your Azure Key Vault. These are required for your VM or environment credentials to be authenticated to read/write to the storage container:

    1. Navigate to Key Vault > Secrets and click Generate/Import

    2. Create a new secret key and value for each of the following:




    3. The values for these are available in your Storage Account:

      1. The value for AZURE-BLOB-CONTAINER-NAMEshould be set to datalogzbidiagnostics

      2. The value for AZURE-BLOB-STORAGE-ACCOUNT-NAMEshould be set to the name of your storage account.

      3. The value for AZURE-BLOB-CONNECTION-STRINGcan be found in:

        • Storage Account > Access Keys > Connection String

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