Virtual Private Cloud

Create a new Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to provide an isolated network environment for your Datalogz deployment in the cloud.

If you already have an existing VPC you wish to deploy Datalogz into, skip this step.

The VPC should be created in the region of your choice and should be configured with an IPv4 CIDR block that can support the expected number of subnets and IP addresses for your deployment.

  1. Log in to the cloud provider's console and navigate to the VPC management section.

  2. Click "Create VPC."

  3. Name your VPC "Datalogz VPC" or choose another appropriate name.

  4. Enter the IPv4 CIDR block, such as, that provides enough IP addresses for your planned deployment.

  5. Leave all the other options as default and click "Create VPC."

Next, you will need to create subnets in this VPC to enable different tiers of your application to communicate with each other securely.

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