Who needs BI Ops?

Any business that wants to make data-driven and informed decisions by rapidly accessing and correctly analyzing data presented in the interfaces like dashboards and reports, and avoiding issues like human errors, out-of-date data, old, incomplete data sets. After all, data-driven impactful decisions deliver a competitive advantage.

Good BI Governance that BI ops is a part of is necessary for a successful Business Intelligence environment and solves the following issues:

  • inconsistent data

  • multiple versions of the truth

  • limited adoption

  • security risks

  • bad actors accessing organizational data

Agile BI ecosystems minimize decision delays and lead to successful business operations. BI governance prevents the bad reporting quality, data inconsistencies, and inaccuracies from occurring. In a McKinsey study, “a midsize institution with $5 billion of operating costs, for example, spends more than $250 million on data across third-party data sourcing, architecture, governance, and consumption.” BI ops ensures that the right business user gets the correct data, intelligence, and insights at the right time. Clean, relevant, current, accurate, consistent data can ensure a path to good analytics and data-driven informed decisions.

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