The Solution: BI Ops

Got a minute? Here's a crash course on BI Ops! 🎥

While BI sprawl is usually inevitable as organizations grow, there are solutions to tackle it: BI Ops. BI Ops creates the guardrails that make enterprise-wide BI initiatives successful. Fundamentally, it is a set of processes and technologies that enable you to be successful with your BI initiatives.

This success can be measured across three dimensions: User Engagement, Data Literacy, and User Satisfaction.

Users will keep coming back to get data-driven insights if they find value in the data they can access and analyze. Such highly engaged business users will earn an organization more profits as their decisions are tied to valuable BI analytics associated with their function.

Data is useless if the users cannot understand it. An organization must empower its members to effectively use the data to ask the right questions, build knowledge, make decisions, and communicate meaning to others.

If the users find value in the data and the BI insights they have, it will become indispensable to their work. When they begin to see the positive results they gain through BI Ops, it will become an integral part of your organizational data culture.

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